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April  19, 2015

Family Spotlight

The Kurtanic Family. Back Row: Randy, Joshua (being held), Kelly, Matthew, Michael. Front Row: Jacob, Ashley, Crystal, Nicole. The family finalized the adoption of Joshua November 15, 2002 – National Adoption Day.

Randy and Kelly Kurtanic Named Adoptive
Parents of the Year

by Steve Garfinkel

Congratulations, Randy and Kelly Kurtanic! Spaulding for Children is pleased to announce that these extraordinary parents of eight children, seven of whom are adopted, all the 2002 Adoptive Parents of the Year. The award was presented to the Kurtanics by the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services at the organization's annual conference in Dallas, Texas on October 29, 2002.

In the early 1980s Randy and Kelly Kurtanic learned that due to medical problems, they could not be biological parents to the large family of children they wanted very much to have. A couple deeply rooted in its faith, the Kurtanics decided to try adoption as a route to creating the family of their dreams.

First becoming foster parents to "test the waters," Randy and Kelly soon recognized the joy they could experience by helping special needs children. They adopted two children, a girl now 19 years old, and a boy now 18.

When the Kurtanics, against all odds, gave birth to a son in 1987, their happiness grew even more. Their lives filled to overflowing with a family of three children, each special in his or her own way. Surely life could get no better than this … until one night nearly nine years ago. Randy and Kelly received an urgent phone call from Spaulding for Children. The request: could they come to the hospital immediately?

As the result of a devastating auto accident, a boy had been born four months prematurely. With a birth weight of only one pound, the attending doctors said the newborn would likely be severely retarded even if he were to survive – a chance they thought remote.

Four months later, when Jacob was released from the hospital to go home with the Kurtanics, their lives changed again. Their new fourth child, profoundly


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